MUN is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your language especially in a formal way. Whether you are an advanced or a beginner speaker, we have no doubt that this conference will improve your English Skills!

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While MUN motivates students to learn new things, it also gives you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, make new friends and have an amazing experience that you will remember with gladness.


We give you the promise of extremely entertaining social events, coffee breaks and surprise activities. With the help of our great USGs, we are working on our agenda items really hard to make the committees even more interesting.


You can join us by selecting one of the applications below.
Admin 180 TRY
Chair 220 TRY
Delegate 220TRY
Delegate with accomodation 420 TRY


Would you like to apply with your MUN Club and benefit from special advantages?


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                         USG: Dervişan Mehmet Savaş

                         Study Guide:

                         World War 2 was the largest and bloodiest war in the history of mankind. It changed the world as we know it and shaped the geopolitical structure                           of the 20th century.

                        In EGIMUN20, we are going to explore an alternate timeline where the major events of the war are drastically different and the allied powers need                            to come together as one to defeat the axis forces once and for all.

United Nations Security Council

USGs: İdil Abeş- Atahan Tetik 

Academic Assistant : Pınar Işık

Study Guide:

Minstry of Magic 

USG: Harun Selim Gedikli 

The committee of the Ministry of Magic is for the Harry Potter fans out there or all the people who just wants to experience a whole other part of the MUN. 

Study Guide:

Organization For Economic
Co-Operation and Development

USG: Selin Cengiz

Academic Assistant: Ceyhun Bilgiç

Study Guide:

Since 1961 the OECD has been a forum for governments to share experiences and find solutions to common economic and social problems. Today, with approximately 50 members and adherents, OECD puts promoting policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world as its primary goal. As of this goal in this year’s OECD meeting countries will be responsible for bringing a unique perspective to guide change in areas such as education, health and economy.

United Nations
Development Programme

USGs: Defne Çelik / Taha Burak Genç

Study Guide :

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is one of the main committees that work for development on every dimension. The main aim of UNDP for development is not widening, but sustainable. It advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life for themselves.

With 177 members around the world, UNDP is focusing on three development settings; eradicate poverty In all forms and dimensions, accelerate structural transformations, build resilience to all shocks and crisis.

With six signature solutions; keeping people out of poverty, governance for peaceful just and inclusive societies, crisis prevention and increased resilience, nature based solutions for development environment, clean affordable energy, woman’s empowerment and gender equality, UNDP challenges all members to create a clean and sustainable developed world.

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